Are you looking for a leading central London orthodontist or paediatric dentist? Consultant trained orthodontist Dr Moira Wong and her team strive to provide the best orthodontic services in the UK. We are highly experienced in fitting a wide range of the latest cosmetic orthodontic braces and near invisible Invisalign braces creating straight teeth and beautiful smiles. Orthodontics can benefit people of any age and we treat children, teenagers, and adults. Our practice has been designed with children’s needs in mind and kids love to visit our paediatric dentist.
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Would you like to improve your smile? You have found the right place!
Here at Moira Wong Orthodontics, we use a range of orthodontic treatments from braces — functional,
children's ceramic, fixed, adult ceramic, traditional and removable — to Invisalign,
Incognito, Social6, retainers and mouthguards. We have our own paediatric dentist
so your child's dental needs are covered from A to Z.

Interceptive Treatment Interceptive Treatment

  Early Treatment and Interceptive Orthodontics Interceptive treatment is performed on young, growing children in order to deal with issues such as misaligned jaws, severely overcrowded or protruding teeth or to correct harmful oral habits as early as possible. Delivered between the ages of 7 and 9, treatment typically lasts between 8 and 12 months. […]

Children’s Orthodontics Children’s Orthodontics

Early orthodontic evaluation gives your child the best opportunity for a healthy smile. Many people mistakenly believe that the work of an orthodontist cannot begin until a child’s adult teeth are present. But to give your child the best prospect of a beautiful smile, this simply isn’t the case. A skilled orthodontist will be able […]

Adult Orthodontics Adult Orthodontics

Braces for adults… restoring function, solving long-standing dental problems and improving smiles. For more than 13 years, Dr Wong has consistently achieved outstanding results in transforming the smiles of adult patients, helping them to overcome the most enduring oral health and misalignment issues. Frequently, Dr Wong helps people who have a long history of dental […]

Latest News

21 September

Impacted Canines

Posted in News

Don’t Give Your Eye Tooth for a Solution Impaction occurs when one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is held below the normal gum line. This can be complete or unerupted impaction (where the tooth is buried) or partial impaction when just part of the tooth is visible in the […]

12 September

A visit from some of our younger patients

Posted in Happy Patients, News
A visit from some of our younger patients

A couple of younger patients recently came by the practice for a check-up. After a thorough examination, they received a refresher course on effective brushing and how to take care of their teeth. At this age, when children are about to or have just started brushing their own teeth, it’s important to ensure that it’s […]

1 September

Apprehension turned into confidence

Posted in Happy Patients, News

We understand that having braces at a later stage in life can seem quite daunting and leave you feeling apprehensive. That’s why at Moira Wong Orthodontics, we take the time to listen and address any concerns that you might have to ensure you feel 100% comfortable before proceeding. A recent patient of Moira Wong Orthodontics […]


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