Dr Imtiaz - Special Needs dentistOur dental service includes dedicated services for special needs children and adults.  Special care dentistry is for patients who may have a social, psychological or physical disability that need dental care to be adapted for them. An example is patients who have learning disabilities and are unable to understand the care or co-operate with dentist to receive the required care.  This can also includes patients with serious phobias related to dental care or those who need adapted surgeries that can manage patients in wheelchairs. It is also about having staff with the skills to treat patients with complex medical histories which may increase the risk of surgery.

Special care dentistry is an important service for us. We have invested in staff and facilities to provide a quality service for special needs patients. The surgery has full wheelchair access and Nazli can also make essential home visits when required. In addition, all our staff; orthodontists, dentists and nurses, are highly trained and capable of providing the extra assistance some patients may require.

Working with Carers

Nazli and her team work closely with the carers of special needs patients to ensure that those patients receive the best dental treatment. It is important to understand any worries, fears or issues a patient may have and to receive full details of the patient’s medical history and current medication – including things like inhalers, prescribed medicines, allergies and phobias.

Carers can provide the all-important link between what a dentist sees and how a patient feels. Where a dentist may simply see a patient who is difficult to treat, a carer may know that this is because the patient has spent all day worrying about the appointment. Next time, an early morning appointment might be better! It is these sorts of details that can help patients with special needs feel reassured about visiting the dentist. Dr Imtiaz and the team at Moira Wong Orthodontics will ensure carers, and where possible patients, have every opportunity to explain in detail all the issues that could affect their dental care.

Registering a Special Needs Patient

All you have to do is to fill in any special needs requirements in the comments box  in our form online or when you visit us and let us know about your (or the special needs patients’) medical history and what might be needed from us to provide you the best service we can offer. In addition, it may be useful to give us some information when you book your first appointment if we need to arrange special adjustments for your arrival. Before the treatment, if you still have any concerns or anxieties, you can talk to our dentists confidentially so that we can help to make you feel at ease.

You can book an appointment by calling us on 020 7368 6611, by filling out the form or emailing us at info@moirawongorthodontics.co.uk. We will respond to you within 24 hours with details of a suitable appointment.

If you are in the neighbourhood (Kensington & Chelsea) please feel free to pop in if you would like more information from our practice manager, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Fluent French, German and Cantonese-speaking dentists are available.