Obtaining the services of a skilled and qualified paediatric dentist is important if you are concerned about the oral health of your child. Having said this, the role of a children’s dentist can often differ in regards to the needs of the patient as well as the different types of treatments that are available.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when working with a paediatric dentist at Moira Wong Orthodontics as well as the impact their expertise will have upon the long-term health of your child.

What is a Paediatric Dentist?

Most experts define this type of dentist as a professional who works with patients from infancy until they enter into their teenage years. They are concerned with many issues such as the condition of baby teeth, gum health, making certain that the teeth are aligned properly, and determining whether or not any specific types of orthodontic treatments are required.

Having said this, many services are flexible due to the fact that children are still growing. It is critical that a paediatric dentist is able to identify any minor issues within the mouth, as the subsequent treatments will have a massive impact upon your child’s oral health later in life.

We should also point out that many orthodontic options (such as braces) are highly effective due to the fact that the mouth is still changing shape. In other words, children will adapt readily to such appliances.

What Treatment Options May be Performed?

These dentists offer a kaleidoscope of different options. Some are standard procedures while others will naturally be based around the needs of your child. A handful of common practices include:

  • Oral health examinations
  • Fluoride treatments and other types of preventative care
  • Regular cleanings
  • X-rays to make certain that all teeth are aligned properly

There are also more targeted techniques which could be required on occasion such as:

  • Treating an oral-related injury such as a slip or a fall while playing sports
  • Orthodontic assessments
  • Addressing cavities or any signs of gum disease
  • Speaking with the parent about adopting the correct oral care techniques

It is therefore clear to see that paediatric dentists are quite flexible in regards to the types of services that they are able to provide.

Is Special Training Required to Become a Paediatric Dentist?

Like other dentists, these professionals will first need to obtain a four-year degree from an accredited dental school. They are then placed within residency training programmes which enable them to appreciate the requirements of children and teenagers. This also helps to provide them with special skills when dealing with a child who would otherwise become uncomfortable or frightened.

What are the Advantage of Obtaining these Targeted Services?

A child’s oral health should never be taken for granted and while a great deal of attention is placed upon adult teeth, the fact of the matter is that a paediatric dentist should be consulted as soon as the first tooth emerges at an early age. Not only will this help to prevent minor problems, but it will also teach your child about the importance of brushing and flossing properly.

Whether you require a specialist in adult orthodontics or you have been searching for a qualified dentist for your child, Moira Wong Orthodontics is pleased to help. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about your options.


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