Kim Raju

Kim Raju

Practice Manager

Managerial skill and kindness are undoubtedly two of the essential qualities of a good practice manager. But Kim is even more than that. A graduate of King’s College in London, Kim specialises working with anxiety and special needs patients.

She describes herself as an empath, and patients can undoubtedly feel it. Whether she is treating someone or booking their next appointment, an air of serenity surrounds her even on busy days.

Claim to fame

Kim is amongst the people/dentists who see dentistry as more than a needed intervention; she sees it as one of the doors to good overall physical and mental health. Consequently, Kim has always been inspired by working with nervous dental patients and takes pride in her work.
One of the stories Kim admits to (under pressure because she’s too shy to talk about herself) is of a patient she had who could not visit the clinic without hyperventilating and often collapsing in the waiting room. Unfortunately for him, however, he needed to go through several procedures. Through kindness and age-old techniques, Kim was able to help him overcome his fears and, by the end, to even sit through extraction without being fully sedated.

In her current role

A couple of years ago, Kim took a break from her profession for personal reasons. Now, ready to return to surgery, she is first making sure that Moira Wong Orthodontics runs smoothly for both patients and staff. Her incredible ability to manage multiple processes simultaneously with an impeccable focus on the details makes her one of the essential cogwheels in the clinic.

When she’s not covering reception and talking to patients, Kim can be found in her office, making sure dentists and orthodontists have everything they need to spread the joy of healthy, beautiful smiles around London and beyond.

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