Accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics is a way to address the most common question of a patient wearing braces or aligners, how long is the treatment going to take? Accelerated orthodontics is used to speed up a regular full orthodontic treatment. The overall treatment time in braces/aligners is usually decreased to half. The treatment is carried out as a regular orthodontic treatment, addressing all the orthodontic issues, not only fixing the front teeth. The patient is seen more often to adjust the braces ( every 2-3 weeks).

Accelerated orthodontics aim to create a temporary change in the bone surrounding the teeth that needs to be moved, and this creates faster tooth movements and very fast orthodontic results. There are a few ways of creating this change in the bone and some may include minor surgery. The results are not compromised with this technique, but the treatment time is significantly shorter.

If the orthodontic treatment is shorter, the problems that arise with long term braces, such as tooth decay or gum problems are reduced. When the patient sees the change quickly they become more compliant.

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