Metal braces for adults by specialist-orthodontist in Kensington London

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the most effective and commonly used ways to treat overcrowded, crooked teeth, jaw problems, misaligned bites, and address speaking or eating problems. The traditional metal braces are made of sturdy stainless steel material, allowing specialist orthodontists to gradually apply continuous force onto the teeth to align them correctly.

The Treatment

Traditional metal braces are small metal brackets attached to each tooth. A thin metal wire, called an archwire, is fastened to each bracket using miniature elastic bands. This connects the brackets and creates the necessary force for the teeth to begin moving. With the use of the archwires and elastic bands, your orthodontist applies controlled tension on each bracket directing the movement of the tooth to help it realign correctly.

The durability of traditional metal braces makes them ideal for complex treatments or if you’re looking to straighten your teeth quickly. The sturdiness, we mentioned earlier, allows the orthodontist to apply a higher, more concentrated force to the bracket. Another benefit of these brackets is that the metal structure allows force to be applied at an angle, thus making rotation of stubborn teeth easier, without the risk of debonding the attachment.

The Process



We will first see you for an initial consultation. At this appointment, your specialist orthodontist will do a thorough examination of your case. We will take photos and X-rays and complete a comprehensive assessment. This will allow your orthodontist to see if you are dentally fit to start orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plan

With the information from your assessment and our conversation, we will create a treatment plan. This plan is the guideline which we’ll use to guide us throughout your treatment. It will contain information about the projected duration, benefits, and associated costs. You can add a range of additional services to your treatment plan such as hygiene sessions), to make it fit your needs perfectly.

First Appointment

First appointment

When you agree to the proposed treatment, we will schedule your first appointment to begin your treatment. At this first appointment, your orthodontist will fit the brackets to your teeth by bonding each bracket to each tooth. We will then connect them using an archwire to create the desired tension on the teeth. Should you need any general dentistry work and a dental hygiene session, we are happy to book this for you prior to your first appointment or if the schedule allows it on the same day.

Regular Adjustments

Regular adjustments

Once your braces are fitted, we will continue seeing you for regular appointments approximately every 5 to 8 weeks, depending on your specific treatment needs. During these regular appointments, your orthodontic therapist will be adjusting the braces and wires. We will also monitor the overall health of your teeth and gums, making sure you will complete your treatment by having a healthy, beautiful smile.

Retention Period

Retention period

At the end of your treatment, when your teeth and your bite have been appropriately adjusted, we will remove your braces. To ensure the retention of the achieved results and avoid relapse, we will place a fixed retainer. The fixed retainer is a thin wire bonded to the back of the upper and lower front teeth. It keeps them together and prevents them from moving, and you’ll never know it’s there!

We will also provide you with a set of removable retainers for you to wear overnight. The removable retainers are clear thin aligners that go over your teeth. They will help ensure your teeth are protected from moving and prevent you from grinding and applying forces that might affect the achieved results. Finally, we will see you for regular appointments approximately every three months during the first year post your orthodontic treatment. These appointments aim to closely monitor how your teeth behave post-treatment and react promptly if there are any changes.

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