Dental Contouring /Shaping/

What is dental shaping?

Dental shaping is the process of gently removing small pieces of the teeth enamel to reduce sharp edges or make the teeth look more consistent and the smile more even.

Contouring can be used to correct the results of mild dental trauma, or as the final touches after an orthodontic treatment. The treatment is entirely pain-free and usually takes 30 minutes or less.

Teeth Contouring

How it works?

Dental shaping is a mild procedure – only a tiny bit of the enamel can be removed, yet the visual results can be quite impressive and can significantly transform the appearance of a smile.

Contouring requires a full dental check-up before proceeding, to ensure that the teeth are healthy and will not suffer negative results. The treatment includes:

  1. Full dental assessment
  2. All necessary dental X-rays
  3. Consultation to establish possible results and ensure that you understand what to expect
  4. Dental contouring/shaping
  5. Post-procedure guidelines

Before & After Dental Contouring

Teeth Contouring before


Teeth Contouring After



Is cosmetic contouring dangerous?

Absolutely not. When performed by a professional dentist (don’t ever attempt this at home), only a minor layer of the enamel is removed, and your teeth remain as healthy as they were before.

I have a misaligned tooth. Can contouring make it appear in line with the rest?

No, this requires orthodontic treatment. In these instances the amount of enamel that contouring can remove will not make a big visual difference.

Is anaesthetic required for dental bonding?

No. The full dental assessment prior to the shaping is to ensure that the teeth are healthy and no pain occurs. Contouring itself is absolutely painless.

I am about to remove my braces. Should I book my dental shaping before that?

Have your braces removed first, and your permanent retainers placed, but do book your contouring before the impressions for your removable retainers are taken.

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