Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics is a way to address the most common question of a patient wearing braces or aligners, how long is the treatment going to take? 

The Treatment

Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of advanced orthodontics and high-frequency vibration technology.

When used in combination with advanced orthodontics, the orthodontists’ gain a powerful advantage in reducing normally accepted orthodontic treatment times. Fast track patients in our practice undergo accelerated orthodontics, completing treatment in less time than traditional orthodontic patients.

Accelerated orthodontics is used to speed up a regular full orthodontic treatment. The overall treatment time in braces/aligners is usually decreased to half. The treatment is carried out as a regular orthodontic treatment, addressing all the orthodontic issues, not only fixing the front teeth. The patient is seen more often to adjust the braces ( every 2-3 weeks).

Accelerated orthodontics aims to create a temporary change in the bone surrounding the teeth that need to be moved, and this creates faster tooth movements and very fast orthodontic results. There are a few ways of creating this change in the bone and some may include minor surgery. The results are not compromised with this technique, but the treatment time is significantly shorter.

If the orthodontic treatment is shorter, the problems that arise with long term braces, such as tooth decay or gum problems are reduced. When the patient sees the quick change they become more compliant.

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The Process



We will first see you for an initial consultation. At this appointment, your specialist orthodontist will do a complete examination of your case. We will take photos and X-rays and conduct a comprehensive assessment to make sure that you will be suitable for accelerated treatment.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plan

During the appointment, we will create a treatment plan for you based on the complete assessment and the information we have collected during the consultation. This treatment plan will outline how long approximately your treatment will take, how much it will cost based on your specific needs, and what are the expected benefits.

First Appointment

First appointment

When you decide to undergo an accelerated treatment with aligners, we will first take impressions of your teeth. Your orthodontist will use the mould to create a virtual demo of how your treatment will unfold, order your custom made aligners, and determine where precisely your attachments will be placed so we can offer as much comfort as possible. Finally, we will schedule your second appointment in approximately six weeks. Of course, in the meantime, if you need any general dentistry work and dental hygiene, we are happy to book this for you prior to your next appointment, or if the schedule allows it on the same day.

Second Appointment

Second Appointment

On your second appointment, your orthodontist will place the attachments and give you your first sets of aligners and the your high-frequent acceleration device to begin the treatment. We will also provide you with all applicable accessories and full instructions on how long to wear the aligners, how to place them on and take them off, how to use the accelerator, when you should move to your next set , and how to care for both the the aligners and the accelerating device.

Regular Adjustments

Regular Adjustments

We will continue seeing you for regular appointments approximately every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your specific treatment needs. During these regular appointments, your orthodontic therapist will review your progress, make sure everything is moving according to plan and give you your next sets of aligners. We will also monitor the overall health of your teeth and gums, making sure you will complete your treatment by having a healthy, beautiful smile.

Regular Adjustments

Regular Adjustments

At the end of your treatment, when your teeth and your bite have been appropriately adjusted, we will remove your attachments. To ensure the retention of the achieved results and avoid relapse, we will place a fixed retainer. The fixed retainer is a thin wire bonded to the back of the upper and lower front teeth. It keeps them together and prevents them from moving, and you’ll never know it’s there!

We will also provide you with a set of removable retainers for you to wear overnight. The removable retainers are clear thin aligners that go over your teeth. They will help ensure your teeth are protected from moving and prevent you from grinding and applying forces that might affect the achieved results. Finally, we will see you for regular appointments approximately every three months during the first year post your orthodontic treatment. These appointments aim to closely monitor how your teeth behave post-treatment and react promptly if there are any changes.

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