Choose unobtrusive clear braces

Or make a fashion statement with bright colours!

Children’s attitudes towards wearing braces can vary dramatically. Some may wish their braces to be as unobtrusive as possible – while others may even look on theirs as an opportunity to make something of a fashion statement!

Children Ceramic Braces

The treatment

Clear fixed braces are a wonderful, fairly inconspicuous teeth straightening option for children.

Whilst some kids are happy to have metal braces, others would prefer a less noticeable alternative. In these cases, we’re always happy to offer clear ceramic braces. Significantly less visible, they offer the same stability throughout treatment, identical outcome and identical treatment duration.

Young fashionistas can tailor their fixed braces to their mood and favourite colour, by choosing the share of the elastics.

With elastics changed at every review appointment, your young future fashion icon can choose the preferred colour for the next few weeks. This can always be toned down with white or clear elastics if you have important family events such as weddings, anniversaries, or school photos, where the teeth need to appear braces-free.

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