Children's Retainers

Retainers for children

Braces are some of the most effective ways to straighten your teeth. Whether referring to adult orthodontics or techniques for children, there are numerous available options. However, the younger generation may need additional support and guidance after the initial braces have been removed.

Parents and children will have questions: What is the purpose of the retainer? Are there specific types to consider? If you would like to learn more, consult with a specialist at Moira Wong Orthodontics.

What is the Function of a Children’s Retainer?

An orthodontist will recommend braces in order to straighten the teeth of a child. Depending upon the age of the patient and the condition of his or her teeth, braces may be worn between six months and a few years.

Once the braces are removed, it is important that the alignment remains the same, as the teeth can sometimes return to their initial positions.

A children’s retainer is worn in the first year to teach the teeth their new position and to encourage them to remain in their corrected position. Beyond a year, retainers are used to prevent growth changes and also ageing changes.

The different types of children’s retainers

Many individuals are unaware that there are actually two different types of children’s retainers supplied by Moira Wong Orthodontics:

Fixed retainers

Fixed retainers are worn for life to maintain alignment of the front teeth.

Removable retainers

Removable retainers are worn at night to maintain the alignment of the back teeth.

What are some of the more surprising benefits?

We have just taken a look at some of the most important functional aspects of children’s retainers. However, there are a handful of other interesting advantages which should likewise be mentioned.

Were you aware that wearing a retainer will help a child receive more nutrients when they eat? This arises from the fact that straight teeth are able to chew food more efficiently. Thus, it is easier to absorb vitamins and minerals into the body; a very real concern during adolescence and young adulthood.

This very same chewing action will produce more saliva. Not only is saliva involved in the initial digestion process, but it helps to keep the mouth lubricated. This reduces the chances that bacteria will build up. So, issues such as cavities and gum disease are also less likely to occur.

Finally, children’s retainers can help individuals who have breathing problems thanks to their corrective nature. This is great for those who would otherwise be prone to snoring or other conditions such as sleep apnea.

It should now be clear why these retainers are very important for the oral health of a child. Whether you have additional questions about this topic or you would like to learn more about adult orthodontics in general, a representative from Moira Wong is always standing by. Please contact us in order to schedule an appointment.

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