Lingual and ceramic braces combination treatment

Incognito & Ceramic Braces

Considering how far society has come in all technological aspects, it is completely understandable that our patients require their teeth to be straightened without this compromising their looks or affecting their lifestyle. One of the solutions that make this possible even for more complex cases is the combination of Incognito and ceramic braces.

The Treatment

This treatment option smartly combines the control that ceramic braces allow the orthodontist with the discreteness of the Incognito brackets attached at the back of your teeth. For most people, this treatment means that lingual braces are used on the top arch, well-hidden at the back of your teeth. Ceramic attachments are typically placed on the bottom arch, where traditionally, more work is needed.

Incognito Invisible Braces

The benefits to you are quite a few!

Your smile remains intact

As most people’s smiles show mostly the bottom arch of teeth, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever know you have braces.

Maximum comfort

As luxurious as the gold, entirely custom-made Incognito brackets may be, adjusting to them being attached on the bottom arch can be quite an annoying experience. Bonded at the rear of your teeth, the brackets constantly rub against your tongue while you eat, speak, or even when you’re resting. This is avoided with the use of ceramic braces on the bottom arch and means less adjustment time in the beginning and more comfort (ceramic braces have a low, rounded profile causing minimal disruption).

Peace of mind

If you would like to leave the treatment in the hands of your orthodontist and avoid dealing with your braces around every meal, tracking the number of the aligner which you should be wearing this or that week, then this treatment will be perfect for you. Unlike a course with Invisalign which requires a significant dedication from the patient, Incognito and ceramic braces combination treatment releases you from all responsibilities and you get to simply enjoy your unveiling beautiful new smile.

The Process



During your initial consultation we will carry out a full orthodontic assessment – this will require photos and X-rays to be taken. At Moira Wong Orthodontics we take our time and make sure we understand your concerns and requirements fully. Once the examination is complete, your orthodontist will be able to discuss the combination treatment of Incognito and ceramic braces with you and help you understand how it will benefit you.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plan

When you make your selection, we’ll prepare a full treatment plan. This document explains what will happen throughout your treatment, the projected duration, costs, etc. The plan doesn’t include your biological response to treatment (which differs greatly from a person to person) and will be the guidance we’ll use and adapt as we go and ensure you have the best possible experience with the most incredible results.

First Appointment

First appointment

Since Incognito’s brackets are 100% custom-made, during your first visit to the clinic your orthodontist will take impressions to design the treatment. Based on your individual case, the specialist may decide to attach the ceramic braces to the bottom arch. This will allow you to get used to the braces one arch at a time, making your experience already considerably better than those of most orthodontic patients.

Regular Adjustments

Regular adjustments

During the initial stage of the treatment, we may need to see you quite often (every 3-4 weeks). As soon as all brackets and wires are in place, however, you’ll need to visit us approximately every 6 or 8 weeks. This style of treatment means that remote appointments will be unavailable to you, but we are happy to work around your schedule and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Retention Period

Retention period

At the end of your treatment, when your teeth and your bite have been appropriately adjusted, we will debond all attachments from your teeth. To ensure the retention of the achieved results and avoid relapse, we will place a fixed retainer. The fixed retainer is a thin wire bonded to the back of the upper and lower front teeth. It keeps them together and prevents them from moving, and you’ll never know it’s there!

We will also provide you with a set of removable retainers for you to wear overnight. The removable retainers are clear thin aligners that go over your teeth. They will help ensure your teeth are protected from moving and prevent you from grinding and applying forces that might affect the achieved results. Finally, we will see you for regular appointments approximately every three months during the first year post your orthodontic treatment. These appointments aim to closely monitor how your teeth behave post-treatment and react promptly if there are any changes.

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