Stainless steel crowns

Stainless steel crowns

Perfect for protecting the baby teeth from cavities, stainless steel crowns are often used in children’s treatments. Suitable when the kid is afraid of dentist instruments and the removal of a caries is impossible, these crowns can be the ideal solution.

When and why does a child need a stainless steel crown?

Why a stainless steel crown?

Although it may seem irrational to treat and save a primary tooth that has decayed severely, modern dentists will attempt every possible treatment before extraction is decided on. Your child’s natural teeth will fit their smile and bite best, and every attempt for them to be saved must be done.

Stainless steel crowns are most commonly used on molars that have severe decay which may be too large for a filling, or where there’s a great chance that the filling would fall. When applied, the silver crown omits oxygen to the tooth thus preventing the decay from developing further. This then ensures that the cavity doesn’t reach the neighboring teeth or even the permanent teeth below the baby ones.


Applying a stainless steel crown is an easy and pain-free procedure and your child will barely feel a thing. In cases where discomfort exists, we’ll use anaesthetics to numb the jaw.

The stainless steel crowns are pre-made. Our lovely dentist will choose the perfect fit, place it over the decayed tooth and ask the child the bite down to help it set.

It may take up to a few weeks for your child’s bite to return completely back to its previous state, but this shouldn’t worry you – it takes a little while for the crown to adjust to perfection.

Dr Carmen Colomar

Family Dentist

(Restorative, cosmetic, and paediatric dentistry)

Dr Carmen Colomar qualified from Universitat de Barcelona in 2005 where she also completed successfully a Masters Degree in Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation. 

After four years dedicated to private general dentistry in Spain, she moved to the UK. It was then that she developed a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry. Dr Colomar has continued to extend her knowledge and skills with postgraduate courses and seminars, and she is a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry.

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