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Are you looking for a leading central London orthodontist or paediatric dentist? Consultant trained orthodontist Dr Moira Wong and her team strive to provide the best orthodontic services in the UK. We are highly experienced in fitting a wide range of the latest cosmetic orthodontic braces and near invisible Invisalign braces creating straight teeth and beautiful smiles. Orthodontics can benefit people of any age and we treat children, teenagers, and adults. Our practice has been designed with children’s needs in mind and kids love to visit our paediatric dentist.
Now open for Saturday morning orthodontic, dentist and hygiene appointments.


Would you like to improve your smile? You have found the right place!
Here at Moira Wong Orthodontics, we use a range of orthodontic treatments from braces — functional,
children's ceramic, fixed, adult ceramic, traditional and removable — to Invisalign,
Incognito, Social6, retainers and mouthguards. We have our own paediatric dentist
so your child's dental needs are covered from A to Z.

Interceptive Treatment Interceptive Treatment

  Early Treatment and Interceptive Orthodontics Interceptive treatment is performed on young, growing children in order to deal with issues such as misaligned jaws, severely overcrowded or protruding teeth or to correct harmful oral habits as early as possible. Delivered between the ages of 7 and 9, treatment typically lasts between 8 and 12 months. […]

Children’s Orthodontics Children’s Orthodontics

Early orthodontic evaluation gives your child the best opportunity for a healthy smile. Many people mistakenly believe that the work of an orthodontist cannot begin until a child’s adult teeth are present. But to give your child the best prospect of a beautiful smile, this simply isn’t the case. A skilled orthodontist will be able […]

Adult Orthodontics Adult Orthodontics

Braces for adults… restoring function, solving long-standing dental problems and improving smiles. For more than 13 years, Dr Wong has consistently achieved outstanding results in transforming the smiles of adult patients, helping them to overcome the most enduring oral health and misalignment issues. Frequently, Dr Wong helps people who have a long history of dental […]

Latest News

23 Jul 2019

Understanding TMJ or Jaw Disorder

Posted in News
Understanding TMJ or Jaw Disorder

Jaw pain can be a sign of teeth problems or a more serious medical condition such as arthritis. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) hold your lower jaw and skull together. TMJ disorders are the most common causes of jaw pain. Key takeaways: TMJ disorders are usually caused by trauma, arthritis, infections and some dental treatments. TMJ […]

17 Jul 2019

A Dentist’s Role in Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

Posted in News
A Dentist’s Role in Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a medical condition in which the airway closes intermittently during sleep. The resultant loss of oxygen from these short breathing pauses mean the sufferer has a disturbed night’s rest and often complains of fatigue, lethargy, poor concentration and diminished energy levels as a result.  Persistent snoring is the main symptom of sleep […]

11 Jul 2019

Proper Dental Care During Pregnancy

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Proper Dental Care During Pregnancy

Poor dental health can cause pre-term birth and underweight babies. Changes in hormones during pregnancy will ultimately affect your teeth. Therefore, properly clean your teeth and see the dentist regularly during pregnancy. Key takeaways: •Hormone levels during pregnancy put you at risk of getting or worsening your dental problems. •Increased blood flow to your gums […]


What our customers are saying.

  • Gregorz’s Mother

    “We are so happy with Gregorz’s teeth, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job”

    - Gregorz’s Mother
  • Molly

    “Thank you so much! I feel so much more confident now about smiling in photographs!”

    - Molly
  • Maureen

    “Very very very happy!”

    - Maureen
  • Mohammed

    “Wonderful results.”

    - Mohammed
  • Joe

    “My life has totally been transformed!”

    - Joe
  • review rating 5  Amazing place they are always so kind to me and my kids

    thumb Sophia Keene
  • review rating 4  I had a programme of orthodontic treatment at Moira Wong Orthodontics. I found the team were highly skilled, professional, friendly and reassuring. The facilities and materials used were state-of-the-art. I'm very pleased with the quality of treatment I received, and the results for my teeth. The one thing that could have been better was the estimate of the length of the treatment: I was initially told to expect 12-15 months, but in the end it took two years. Overall, though, I would highly recommend this orthodontist.

    thumb B C
  • review rating 5  I was initially very anxious about under going orthodontic treatment, but I was very lucky to find Moira Wong. Her care and clinical skills are excellent. She considers each case carefully and is honest with you about the realistic options in order to formulate a successful treatment plan. Her staff are also friendly and accommodating. In particular they made it easier for me to fit in appointments around my busy work schedule, and were quick to respond and fit me in if I broke a bracket or a wire felt uncomfortable. I would strongly recommend Moira and team to anyone having to undergo orthodontic treatment.

    thumb Anna Pouncey
  • review rating 5  My son, who is 10, first went with an underbite and an upper jaw too small for his molars which had been trying to get into place for three years but without space to do so. 18 months later he has a fantastic set of teeth - the underbite is sorted, the molars have dropped down and there is now space for the next set of molars, which are on their way, too. Moira and her team have been kind, sensitive and flexible in their treatment of my extremely sensitive son. They really are a team of miracle workers.

    thumb Vicky Rowland

Dr Moira Wong is a member of the following organisations:

The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
European Orthodontic Society
The American Orthodontic Society
British Orthodontic Society
World Federation of Orthodontics
Royal College of Surgeons