Periodontal Treatments

What’s Included?

Biological predisposition, dental trauma, or lifestyle choices may lead to gum disease – gingivitis or periodontitis. Sadly, the damage caused by those is irreversible and poses danger for your overall health. Bacteria enters the gum much easier where there’s a gum disease and the recession is practically inevitable. However advanced the disease, nonetheless, periodontal treatment can prevent its further development and allow your gums to heal.

  1. Full periodontal (gum) health assessment
  2. Essential oral health assessment
  3. Teeth mobility assessment
  4. Deep ultrasonic cleaning
  5. Progress report & further treatment plan (if needed)

Dr Carmen Colomar

Family Dentist

(Restorative, cosmetic, and paediatric dentistry)

Dr Carmen Colomar qualified from Universitat de Barcelona in 2005 where she also completed successfully a Masters Degree in Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation. 

After four years dedicated to private general dentistry in Spain, she moved to the UK. It was then that she developed a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry. Dr Colomar has continued to extend her knowledge and skills with postgraduate courses and seminars, and she is a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry.

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