The specialists at Moira Wong Orthodontics are able to provide a wide range of solutions involving adult orthodontics. However, we should not fail to mention that there are options available for children and adolescents.

Children’s fixed braces are some of the best ways to create a flawless smile that will last for a lifetime. Thanks to modern technology and a personalised approach, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your son or daughter will be receiving the most targeted treatment options.

Children's Fixed Braces

Let’s now take a closer look at fixed braces, their benefits and a handful of suggestions to keep in mind.

The Traditional and Proven Option

Children’s fixed braces have existed for decades and they have provided amazing results to countless patients. These appliances consist of metallic (or sometimes ceramic) brackets which are affixed to the fronts of the teeth. These brackets are then held in place by a thin and unobtrusive wire. The wire is used to slowly guide the teeth into the appropriate position and to ensure proper alignment.

Unlike in the past, the brackets used today are also noticeably smaller, reducing the visual impact of their presence. A specialist at Moira Wong Orthodontics will describe the process in greater detail as well as how long the braces will need to be worn.

Why Opt for Children’s Fixed Braces?

Children’s fixed braces are known to be highly effective. This variety is often employed when more severe orthodontic problems (such as a profound overbite or underbite) need to be corrected.

Other variations such as lingual braces or the Invisalign system might not be able to address such problems. The good news is that modern braces are much more comfortable when compared to the past and children will normally not experience a great deal of discomfort.

Their Undeniable Benefits

Cost is always a concern; particularly if you happen to be dealing with a tight budget. You will therefore be pleased to learn that children’s fixed braces are generally the least expensive type of orthodontic treatment.

Having said this, the results are just as permanent and profound. From an aesthetic point of view, children can also choose from a number of coloured bands which will be placed around the brackets to hold the wire in place. This provides a personalised touch that is not available when dealing with other types of orthodontic treatments.

Finally, fixed braces can be used to correct more serious problems within the mouth. They might also be able to prevent future extractions (such as those associated with wisdom teeth). Of course, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Cleaning Suggestions

Cleaning and caring for children’s fixed braces is critical. Many of the guidelines are similar when compared to adult orthodontics. The teeth should be properly brushed and flossed on a daily basis. This is important, as bacteria and plaque could otherwise begin to form in between crevasses (such as around brackets and underneath the wires).

Brushing is also wise, as the surfaces of the teeth surrounding the brackets might otherwise begin to change colour and lead to a “shadowing” effect once the brackets are removed. With the proper attention and by embracing the correct cleaning techniques, your child’s mouth will remain healthy and a flawless smile soon awaits.

Moira Wong Orthodontics specialises in children’s fixed braces and there are numerous factors to take into account. This is why it is always a good idea to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We will explain the exact process and answer any queries that you or your child may have.