Moira-Wong-4Keeping your child’s smile beautiful after treatment is finished.

Children's RetainersOngoing care plays a crucial role in the Moira Wong Orthodontics approach to treatment. To make sure your child’s teeth stay as straight as the day that the braces were removed, we will carefully monitor progress in the months that follow.

Children’s retainers are designed to help with this. We can offer you a choice of options for your child:


REMOVABLE retainers 

Simple clip-in transparent plates, usually worn overnight. We normally advise growing children to wear their retainers until they are at least 18, keeping them afterwards so that they can occasionally check they still fit.

FIXED retainers

These retainers feature thin customised wires which fit closely on the inside surface of the front teeth, so they are entirely unobtrusive. Fixed retainers are worn in conjunction with a removable retainer.