21 Sep 2014

Happy Orthodontics Patient

Speaking at the official opening event of Moira Wong Orthodontics, one very happy patient tells how delighted she and her son are with the treatment that they have experienced at the clinic.

20 Sep 2014

A Very Happy Family

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One of Dr Wong’s patients relays the story of her son’s treatment and how Moira managed to work her magic to create a space for a new molar, instead of having to have it extracted.

19 Sep 2014

Mum of Three’s Confidence

Mum of three speaks in this video at the grand opening of Moira Wong Orthodontics about her confidence in the service provided at the beautifully refurbished clinic.

6 Aug 2014

How Erin Prepared For Her Wedding Day

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Erin tells the story behind her beautiful smile in this video.

9 May 2014

Impacted Canine Surgery

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Learn more about impacted canine surgery in this video.

3 Mar 2014

I was transformed!

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In this video, a patient shares her experience after an orthodontic treatment.