Another happy patient

Dr Moira Wong has received excellent feedback from Mihai Ciobanu who has given the practice a five star rating. Here’s what he wrote:

“I was referred to Moira for an orthodontic treatment when I was approaching 39. The challenge was significant. Over the years, I had a lot of dental work done, including several root canal treatments and some large fillings. I needed to correct my bite, which had become rather bad: overbite, overjet, rotations and a severe mis-alignment of my back teeth. To add to the challenge, I am an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist… Moira is simply exceptional. She took the time to understand the situation well, and throughout the treatment she was always keen to listen to how things were progressing. Over the 16 months, she made several adjustments to the plan according to how my teeth were responding. At the end, the result was even better than we had hoped for. Thanks Moira, Jo and Lynda. I warmly recommend the practice for anyone considering orthodontics.”