The Top 5 Reasons Why Adults Need Braces

In the past, braces were largely viewed as a treatment focused on older children and teenagers whose jaws were still developing. Modern orthodontics recognises that teeth can continue to move at any age. Adults who previously had straight teeth can find their teeth becoming misaligned or overcrowded. Other adults missed out on orthodontic treatment as children (or did not complete the treatment) or need braces because of accidents or other health conditions such as gum disease. The good news is, it’s never too late to have a wonderful straight set of teeth and a perfect smile. Here are our top 5 reasons for adults to wear braces:

1 – Adult Orthodontics Helps Many Dental Issues

Nearly 45% of UK adults have crowded teeth, and others have gaps or teeth that stick out. Other adults have problems with their bite, which may be too open, too deep or have crossbite where the upper teeth close behind the lower ones. Accidents and gum disease can also be the reasons behind the need for braces.

2 – Invisible Braces

Metal braces are not a choice many adults are willing to consider. The latest plastic braces from brands such as Invisalign and Incognito are virtually invisible. Many people will not even notice you are wearing braces! Invisible braces are suitable for many types of adult orthodontic treatment, and your orthodontist will recommend them if they are right for you.

3 – Improved Dental Function and Oral Hygiene

Straight teeth improve bite and chewing functionality. If you have a crossbite or misaligned teeth, then this increases the chances of plaque and food build-up, which in turn increases the risks of periodontal (gum) disease. Straight, well-aligned teeth reduce the chances of tooth decay, irregular wear of tooth enamel and TMD (jaw discomfort).

4 – Treatment Can Be as Short as Six months

While treatment times will depend on individual requirements, and your orthodontist will provide specific advice, modern brace technology means that for some adults requiring re-alignment of their teeth, treatment can be as quick as six months. The smile on your face will be for the rest of your life!

5 – It’s never too late to have a great smile

Whatever your age, a great smile with straight teeth boosts your confidence and enhances your self-esteem. And that perfect smile and added confidence can benefit your professional and social life too.