How Severe Is Your Sleep Apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a medical condition that causes the airways to become blocked during sleep. This condition can have severe effects as it impacts adversely on the body’s immune system which increases the risk of chronic diseases.

Not only can sleep apnoea impact the amount of rest you obtain during the overnight hours, but it may also lead to issues with the teeth and gums due to a lower immune system. It is important to determine the severity of your sleep apnoea and here are some guidelines to consider:

  • With mild sleep apnoea, you could stop breathing for up to 14 sessions each evening; you also snore.

  • Those who stop breathing more than 30 times have a severe form of this condition. 
  • Severe sleep apnoea can be accompanied by loud snoring and other symptoms such as headaches, mood swings and profound fatigue.