Improving lip support and your overall facial beauty with orthodontics

Invited by EF Medispa, last month Dr Moira Wong wrote an advice piece for the skincare clinic’s newsletter on how orthodontics can help improve lip support and overall facial beauty. The article has received so much good feedback that we have decided to share with you a more in-depth discussion on this issue.

If you have read this article, you will know how orthodontists can support the anti-ageing procedure and help you to look even more youthful. After cosmetic treatments, if you would like to further enhance your face and improve your confidence, then orthodontics would definitely be the answer.


To sum up, the contour of the face and lips relies on two elements: facial tissue (including fat and muscle) and bone structure (cheekbones, jaw and teeth). Changes in your bone structure not only give you a better smile, they also improve your lip support, making Botox treatment look much more natural.

The reason only orthodontists can achieve this is very simple. In order to either align the front teeth, move the front teeth backwards, or both, you may need to have bicuspid teeth removed, something only an orthodontist can do. The degree of change to the profile can be highly beneficial, for example by improving lip support.

What you need to keep in mind is that only a well-trained orthodontic specialist, not general dentists, can provide such treatment. Also, although this treatment is recommended after botox surgery, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is essential to have a thorough diagnosis carried out by an experienced orthodontist. The diagnosis varies from patient to patient but generally, it includes taking photographs, at least two x-rays, and making models of your teeth. This is the standard care for a proper treatment plan.

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