Summer Party Success

It was lovely to see all our referring dentists who joined us for our inaugural Summer Party. Our guests enjoyed an intriguing lecture by the infamous Koray Feran, who discussed the comprehensive assessment of the temporomandibular joint as well as the impact of occlusal disorders on the dentistry that we provide for our patients.

Following this most interesting talk, guests were greeted by Icebox, who presented our guests with blocks of ice and delivered detailed instructions on how to carve “Olaf” from Frozen. Guests were given a timeline, and their competitive nature came shining through as dentists began to create their artistic ice sculptures. Judging began, and our congratulations to go, Peter Wilkie, who won the best ice sculpture of the night.

Music played throughout the night with a string trio from the Royal Academy, who kindly provided a beautiful ambience whilst Portobello Pizzeria fed our guests with delicious, mouth-watering Italian food. Guests were greeted by Mike Fairall, a close-up magician who intrigued us with his unbelievable disappearing skills.

I would like to thank all our staff for making the evening a success and thank all our referring dentists who came to share a wonderful evening with us.

I look forward to welcoming referring dentists to our Winter Party on November 1st, which will be Halloween themed. Our guest speaker will be Phil Marsden, who will be talking to us about Forensic dentistry and some of his work recently that has covered the sad events that have occurred in Manchester and Grenfell Tower. If you are not on our invite list and would like to be added, please contact us with our details at

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Summer.