Why Red Wine Stains Teeth

Discoloured or stained teeth can have a number of causes but one of the biggest culprits is red wine. It is the chemicals present in wine, coupled with a tooth’s natural porosity, that causes staining. There are three basic factors in play:

  • Microorganisms called chromogens stick to teeth and produce pigmentation
  • Tannic acid works in conjunction with chromogens to darken tooth colour
  • Tooth enamel is naturally porous and allows liquid and other material to penetrate

Staining does not occur overnight but months or years of regular wine drinking can lead to heavy staining.

Drink water to flush your teeth when drinking wine. Also, eating food whilst drinking wine can prevent staining. 

Teeth benefit from regular professional cleaning by a dentist. More detailed information and tips to avoid staining can be found at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/what-exactly-causes-wine-to-stain-teeth/.