Moira Wong visits Hawkesdown House School and Ladbroke Square Nursery and talks to pupils on keeping teeth healthy

In the past couple of weeks, Dr Moira Wong has given two talks about brushing and good oral health to 3-year-old pupils at Hawkesdown House School in Kensington as well as nursery students at Ladbroke Square Nursery. The presentations were so practical and fun that the boys and girls and even teachers participated wholeheartedly in all activities.

Ladbroke Square Nursery is a Montessori school located not far from our practice. The children there are always curious and were fascinated by Dr Wong’s talk.

Hawkesdown House is an independent pre-preparatory school for boys aged three to eight and is also one of Dr Moira Wong’s most enjoyable schools to visit. It is exactly what the headmistress says: “A safe place where people are kind, considerate and capable, and where a boy can start his school life happily and make his early friends with confidence. A place of fun and success, to remember with warmth.”


All the little boys were so lovely and sweet. When Dr Wong came in, the 3-year-old boys greeted her with great smiles and made her feel really welcome. Moira started the dental talk with her dinosaurs and explained what dental caries are as well as what good teeth and bad teeth are. With big brushes, Moira also demonstrated to all the pupils how to brush teeth on the big model dinosaurs.

Dr Wong is a strong believer in prevention: the earlier the children are aware of how to take care of their teeth, the better the outcomes. That is why she had a presentation on how to prevent teeth problems, the difference between good food and bad food, with the children, then working in groups to separate the good foods and the bad foods. After that, Moira showed the pupils a video about what kinds of the good food they should eat to keep their mouths and teeth healthy.

Both visits were wonderful and once more confirm Dr Wong’s commitment to the community and how much she loves helping children to prevent any dental problems.

If you would like Dr Moira Wong to come to visit your school and lead talks on any topic from interceptive treatment to oral health, please contact us on 0207 368 6611 or at

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