Advanced Braces for Children

An advanced treatment for Children is now available…

At Moira Wong Orthodontics, we are highly experienced in fitting a wide range of the latest cosmetic orthodontic braces and near invisible Invisalign braces for creating straight teeth and beautiful smiles. So we’re always looking to use the latest modern realignment techniques which can literally transform the lives of both adult and child patients.

Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement

Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement is a clear aligner solution for Class II correction. Offering the same benefits of the Invisalign Teen advanced clear aligner system, it combines features previously only available from treatment with functional appliances. The Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement aligners have been specifically designed for moving the lower jaw forward while simultaneously aligning the teeth this makes the treatment much more efficient and patient-friendly.

Comparison of Invisalign Teen and traditional functional appliance methods:

Invisalign teen for complex cases

Invisalign Teen for complex cases
  • Treatment length: 18-24 Months – 6 months quicker
  • Treatment plan: Single phase combined treatment: corrects goofy teeth & straightens teeth together
  • Speech: Unaffected by invisalign
  • Visibility: Invisible
  • Comfort: Very comfortable
  • Lost braces: No cost for lost aligners

Twin block & Fixed braces

Functional then braces
  • Treatment length: 24-36 Months
  • Treatment plan: 2 Phases – Overjet correction & tooth straightening done separately
  • Speech: Affected by twin block
  • Visibility: Obtrusive
  • Comfort: Variable
  • Lost braces: Expensive

Invisible braces specifically designed for teenagers?

Invisalign has several treatment options available for teenagers, depending on the stage of teeth development.

Some teenagers will be suitable for the same Invisalign treatment as adult patients. Younger teenagers, or those who haven’t got all of their adult teeth erupted can be treated with Invisalign Teen – a treatment designed specifically for teenagers. Your dental practitioner will determine which treatment best suits your individual needs and the condition of your teeth.

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