Teenage Dental Issues

Adolescence can be problematic as the body undergoes many physical changes. Worries about personal appearance are normal teenage concerns but maintaining a good dental health regimen during this time is often overlooked. 

This is a basic error as adolescence is when the teeth, gums and mouth require even more attention from the dentist. As the mouth changes shape, and teeth grow and shift, this is the peak period for:

  • Fitting dental braces
  • Emergence of wisdom teeth
  • Straightening teeth

Tooth whitening is also popular among young adolescents but this is not a “do-it-yourself kind of project” and should only be performed by a skilled professional or dentist. Read more about teenage dental issues at https://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/life-stages/teen-oral-care/teen-talk-teen-teeth