The importance of seeing a paediatric dentist

At Moira Wong Orthodontics, we understand that your child is your top priority and, of course, their dental health and wellbeing can’t be trusted by just any doctor. So, why is it so important that all parents need to have their children visit a paediatric dentist at least once a year?

Last December, we had an 8-year-old boy who came to visit us with his mother. The mother said that he had been complaining about toothache a lot. However, when the boy visited a general dentist, the dentist said her son’s teeth were completely fine. After examining the child’s teeth, we found out that the patient actually had cavities but they are tiny and easily missed during an examination in a general dental practice.

This is just one of many cases that we have worked on over the years when children’s cavities have not been found otherwise. Mrs Richmond, the mother of 6-year-old Martha, had a similar experience and was shocked (and felt guilty and embarrassed) to find out that her daughter had a cavity even though a few months before she was told by a general dentist that her daughter’s teeth were really healthy!

The reason paediatric dentists are able to discover these problems is that they have much more specific experience than a general dentist does with children’s teeth. They specialise in dental care for children and work with children exclusively, so it’s much easier for them to examine children’s teeth and they are highly aware of dental issues and behaviour particular to children. Also, paediatric dentists focus on preventative care including interceptive treatment. More importantly, they are experts in terms of monitoring oral growth and the development of your children.

We have a fully qualified, highly experienced paediatric dentist team at Moira Wong Orthodontics so you know your children’s dental health can be trusted in our care. In fact, we have wonderful case studies of our patients so you can see for yourself.

You can find out more about children’s orthodontics at our practice here.

In the video below, Dr Nazli Imtiaz introduces herself and explains the importance of orthodontic visits from age 7, and regular paediatric dental check-ups.